Cartridge needles or standard needles

standard needles vs cartridge needles
Since not many comparisons have been done, we have listed the main features offered by cartridge needles and standard needles.

There is no one type of tattooing needle that is better than another. Since there are not many comparisons, we have listed the main features offered by cartridge needles and standard needles.

Cartridge needles
Cartridge needles
Standard needles
Standard needles

The type of tattoo machine

Although there are adapters in case you want to use cartridge needles, the use of a standard needle is directly linked to the machine. Lovers of coil machines will be more likely to choose the standard needle.

Coil tattoo machines
Coil machines
Rotary Tattoo Machines
Rotary machines

The set-ups

The settings are very similar. However, today we find a larger number of cartridge needle set-ups. This is probably due to the fact that there is a larger market for this type of tattoo needles.

Standard needles offer a type of tip in diamond, round or visel to combine with the needle. However, in the case of cartridge needles, each manufacturer offers a specific type of tip.

The environment

For people identified with the environment, we could say that standard needles pollute less, since they do not contain plastic.

The comfort

Assembling a set of cartridge needles on a rotary tattoo machine allows the needles to be changed with a single click. In addition to dramatically increasing the speed of changing needles, it also makes it possible to avoid having several tattoo machines installed.

Another advantage of using cartridge needles is that when operating with rotary machines, there is no need to adjust them.

Finally, the cartridge prevents us from getting punctured! The needle remains hidden while it is not connected to the machine.

The price of needles

A criterion that always plays an important role. Generally speaking. standard needles are usually cheaper. Using a metal grip for traditional needles, its price is around 0.30€ for standard ones and 1.2€ for cartridge needles.


To conclude, grouping the different criteria of each type of needle, we obtain the following:

  • Standard needles:
    • ✓ Price
    • ✓ Coil machines
    • ✓ Environment
  • Cartridge needles:
    • ✓ Rotary machines
    • ✓ Comfort
    • ✓ Set-ups

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