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With the Covid19, the face display has proven to be an indispensable product in businesses dealing directly with their customers.

With the Covid19, the face display has proven to be an indispensable product in businesses that deal directly with their customers along with face masks.

The Climax 424-RG / 1 face shield has been designed to offer effective protection against the risk of particle impact at medium speed and medium energy. In this way the screen is able to resist the impact of projectiles detached at high speed (up to 120 m / s), such as wood, metal and plastic chips, pieces of stems and branches that come off when using gardening machinery, etc. .

Mount (from etor)

The deflector is made of black polyethylene and has a crescent shape, equipped with a small visor. The coupling of the visor to the baffle is made through two central solid lugs, and two swivel anchors on the sides. The baffle has a rectangular hole on each side that houses a screw-nut system that allows coupling to the baffle and harness.

Clamping system

The restraint system consists of the harness and the regulation system, made by injection of black polyamide. Two parts are distinguished in the harness, an upper transverse band, and the contour band. The length of the transverse band can be regulated by means of a drilling system and a fixing pin. The contour band is made up of a central part, which is in contact with the user’s forehead, and the lateral arms, which are joined at the back of the head, through the regulation system. The latter, formed by a closing tube, guide and wing nut, allows an easy regulation of the diameter of the contour band, simultaneously pressing and turning the wing nut. To promote the comfort of the set, the contour band has two self-adhesive foams in the parts that contact the user’s head.


It is made of 1.15 mm thick colorless polycarbonate.

Optical class: 2

Viewfinder measures: 190 x 324 mm

Attachment size: 56 – 64 cm Weight: 0.262 kg.

C E certification

Mechanical resistance: B



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