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The ES500 is designed to fit your style, your workspace and the daily challenges of tattooing. This compact and durable power supply comes with all the features you wanted!

360° adjustable display: Rotate the ES500 LED display and route the cables in any direction to get the best experience wherever and however you work.

Dual ports for 2 machines: eliminates downtime when switching between machines with different cable styles and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Eikon Bluetooth (Foot) Switch ™: easily and wirelessly integrates this handy switch that you can activate with a hand touch. Replaces a traditional foot switch while freeing up a port for a second machine. (included) 2 USB charging ports: Allow you to charge your essential devices and save space on your workstation. Take advantage of the second slot to charge your cell phone or any other device you need.

Magnetic base and adhesive foot: grips firmly to any surface and with its magnetic base also on metal workstations.

6 voltage presets per channel: Allows you to quickly access and adjust the voltages you use most. Preset settings ensure consistent performance and ease of use.

Jumpstart mode: provides an additional 0.5V boost each time you activate the footswitch to start machines that need more power for starting, without having to adjust their voltage.

Membrane touch interface. Cover it. Bag it. Clean it. The ES500 interface membrane responds even when covered with a protective barrier and is tough enough to withstand aggressive cleaners.

Powder-coated aluminum housing: withstands drops, hard knocks, bumps and spills. The ES500 is designed to last and can withstand the thorough cleaning process required for tattooing.

Ready for global travel: additional international cables are available, so the ES500 can go wherever your travels take you. It works with both 110 V and 220 V, right out of the box.

Eikon standard 2-year warranty (same quality, same service, double the warranty) Each ES500 includes a specially coated steel mounting plate and all accessories. You can use the mounting plate on its mount or even use your favorite GoPro® mount and attach it to your workstation.

The ES500 is designed to work with traditional web and rotary machines. Our power supply ensures that your machine always operates at peak performance. Designed and manufactured in Canada by Eikon. Patent pending.

About Eikon: Eikon has been a trusted name in tattoo equipment since 1994. We design and manufacture power supplies, tattoo machines, needles and tubes with artists’ needs in mind. We strive to help shape the industry through our research, technical innovations and commitment to quality and service.

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Weight 700 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 12 cm