Dermalogic Dermafilm Protector

Dermafilm micro-perforated protector ideal for the aftercare of the tattoo or laser session, keeping the area clean of germs and preventing any friction from affecting the area.

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DERMAFILM protector for the aftercare of your tattoo is also micro-perforated and is ideal for the aftercare of a laser session. It also keeps the wound area free of germs and prevents friction from affecting the area. It also offers maximum protection against friction and rubbing.

The film is waterproof and completely antibacterial and prevents pathogens and external contamination from entering the wound and thanks to its micro-perforation, DERMAFILM allows the wound to oxygenate and release excess moisture vapor.

DERMAFILM is light, comfortable to wear, flexible and can be placed anywhere on the body.


  • Use DERMAFILM protector for the first 12-24 hours.
  • Replace with another dressing every 12-24 hours.

In addition DERMAFILM will reduce the possibility of scabbing or risk of infection, avoid rubbing clothing or other external factors that could damage the tattoo.

DERMAFILM tattoo aftercare protector is available for professional tattoo artists and is ideal for the first application after finishing the tattoo.

Additional information

Weight 300,00 g
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 7 cm