Exceptional quality tattoo inks to express your art. At Pureworks we offer a palette of vibrant colours that will allow you to highlight your creativity in a unique way. Our tattoo inks are formulated with premium quality ingredients, ensuring the durability of your tattoos and the permanence of the colours over time.

Safe and reliable tattoo inks

Skin safety is our priority. At Pureworks, we are committed to offering you tattoo inks that are free of toxic components, meeting the highest quality and safety standards in the industry. Rigorously tested to avoid allergic reactions or irritation, our tattoo inks provide the peace of mind and confidence you need to tattoo your clients.

Tattoo artists’ favourite inks

With exceptional performance, our tattoo inks allow you to achieve precise lines, smooth shading and perfect adhesion to the skin. As an artist or tattoo professional, you can bring complex and detailed designs to life with ease, delivering long-lasting quality results. Pureworks offers a wide range of options so you can find what suits the needs of each job. With our tattoo inks, you can create designs that highlight your creativity and impress your clients.

Brands of tattoo inks

At Pureworks, you can find a wide variety of tattoo inks: we have at your disposal tattoo inks approved in Spain by the Spanish Health Authorities, and inks approved at European level.

We have tattoo inks of different brands. If you need a wide range of colours, we have brands such as Eternal, Vice, Radiant and World Famous. To work with blacks and give prominence to shadows, fills and lines, we have tattoo inks from Dynamic, Viking, and Nocturnal. All our tattoo inks are from original brands and meet the highest quality standards.

If you are looking for tattoo inks, Pureworks is your best choice. With our inks you can express your art with vibrant colours and be confident in the durability and safety of the final result.