Venom PS2 Power Supply

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Professional, digital power supply for rotary and winding machines; supports two machines simultaneously. VENOM PS-2 is a new generation of power supply. Probably the most powerful, comfortable and versatile in the tattoo market.

Main characteristics:
– Machine parameters displayed: Volts (in 0.1v increments), Hertz (Hz), Duty Cycle (%), Follow Through (FT), Amperage.
– Configurable parameters: More than 20 screen layouts, more than 10 background and text colors, various fonts, sound, navigation speed. You can save the configuration in any of its three available memories.
– Machine analyzer. Function designed for manufacturers; works like an oscilloscope and displays color values on the screen.
– It allows you to connect two machines simultaneously and choose which machine you want to use by simply pressing a button. Very convenient e.g. when using machines with different types of cable: RCA and Clip-cord
– It can store up to 10 machine configurations for each input channel.
– Three pedal modes: 1) Momentary (as long as you hold down the pedal); 2) Continuous (first press starts the machine; second press stops it); 3) Without foot pedal (on/off button).
– Two timers (time control): active and total.
– Four operating modes depending on the tattoo machine:
– COIL mode: Standard mode for coil machines
– Three! ROTARY modes for rotary machines
1) Slow Rotary – Mode recommended for rotating machines. Smoothly accelerates the machine’s engine, thereby increasing engine life.
2) Normal Rotary – the classic mode, for rotary machines. The machine engine starts immediately, without acceleration.
3) Boost Rotary – Special mode, for rotating machines that need boost at initial start-up. This mode increases the starting voltage between 5 and 12 volts depending on the selected voltage.
– It is the only source that displays the rotation speed (strokes per second) on the screen.
– Languages: English and Russian.
– Black anodized aluminum chassis. The front, back and both side panels are laser engraved. Includes pedestal support with magnets.
– Made in Europe (Lithuania), with 1 year replacement warranty.

Technical Information:
– Size: Height (with support), 13cm; length, 15cm; width, 6cm
– Weight (including electric transformer), 830g
– Output DC voltage: 1.5-20V / 3A
– Maximum output current, 3A; withstands peaks up to 6A