Traditional Sterile Sterile Magnum Curved Tattoo Needles. Homologated for the rest of Spain

medium tapper sterile magnum round sterile medium cone needles. Available in 35mm(12 and 30mm(10). Sold in boxes of 50un.

11,0018,00 (+ VAT)

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Traditional Piranha tattoo needles manufactured with high quality Long Taper needles. Round Magnum are grouped in two layers of flat needles with a curvature at the end (the needles at the tip are shorter creating a smooth curve) and are used for shading or coloring, they are in high demand when there is a need to tattoo very large areas. leather.
We have different configurations from 5 to 11 tips with a thickness of 0.35mm.

Sold in boxes of 50un.






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