SOULNOVA new E3 mini 3mm pink cordless permanent makeup pencil

SOULNOVA new E3 mini 3mm pink wireless permanent make-up pencil

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SOULNOVA E3 wireless is a very light machine perfect for micropigmentation and/or tattooing jobs that do not require dragging a lot of needles. We control the on, off and pause from the same button, as well as the voltage change is obtained by moving the machine! Very fast and convenient!

includes extra battery + charging cable.

Brand: Soulnova
Stroke: 3 mm
Net weight of the pen: 105 g
Boom length: 137 mm
Quill diameter: 22 mm

Needle portrusion: 0-4 mm
Working frequency: 60-190NPS
Voltage: 4.5v Min-11v Max
Charging input: 5 V/1 A type C cable.
Charging time: 2-3h
Battery capacity: 700 mAh
Working hours: 3h-7h

Eyebrow Liner: 110NPS/7.0V
Lip Contour Shading: 120NPS/7.5V
Sensitive hair: 130NPS/8V
Nipple camouflage: 140NPS/8.5V

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