Proton Colour Obsession Butter 250ml

Proton butter Obsession Color

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  • Butter for tattooing.
  • 7 Different Colors.
  • Each Color has a different essential oil and a different extract.
  • 100% natural ingredients. 100% Vegan
  • Used by the best artists in the world.
  • With Mango butter
  • Made in Spain. 100% original.


Proton Colours Obsession
is the latest formulation from Proton Laboratories. Created with 7 different colors. But it’s not just colors… Each Mantenca has essential oils and extracts related to its Scent and Color. An exceptional butter with a sublime touch to tattoo for hours and hours without irritating the skin of customers. It will be a revolution in the healing of this tattoo.

Proton Colours Obsession

has been developed in our laboratories using only materials obtained directly from nature, tested by the best tattoo artists in the world and arrived at an exclusive formulation.

Proton Colours Obsession
has a soft and oily texture, but does not melt when placed on top of the glove to be added to the skin little by little. Regenerating the skin from minute 0 by providing unique aromas and extracts.

Proton Colours Obsession
contains Mango Butter, natural oils and depending on the color:

  • Orange:
    Orange Aroma, Orange Extract and Bitter orange essential oil.

  • Violet:
    Blackberry Aroma and Gentian Violet Extract.

  • Green:
    Melon Aroma, Cucumber Extract.

  • Black:
    Vanilla and Tobacco aroma and Grape extract.

  • Yellow:
    Lemon Aroma, Lemon Essential Oil and Lemon Peel extract.

  • Rose:
    Bubble gum aroma, and pomegranate extract.

  • Blue:
    Peppermint aroma, Oolong Blue Tea extract and peppermint piperine essential oil.

Available only in 8.5 oz /250ml .

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 8 cm

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