Protective Face Shield. High durability “Made in Spain

Protective screen against all types of elements; fluids, dust, etc…

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Mount (deflector)
The deflector is made of black polyethylene and has a half-moon shape, equipped with a small visor. The visor is attached to the deflector by means of two solid central lugs and two rotating anchors on the sides. The deflector has a rectangular hole on each side which houses a screw-nut system that allows coupling to the deflector and the harness.

Clamping system
The fastening system consists of the harness and the adjustment system, manufactured by injection of black polyamide. The harness is divided into two parts, an upper transverse band and a contour band. The length of the transversal band can be adjusted by means of a system of holes and a fastening bolt. The contour band consists of a central part, which is in contact with the user’s forehead, and the side arms, which are attached to the back of the head by means of the adjustment system.
The latter, consisting of a sealing tube, guide and knob, allows easy adjustment of the contour band diameter by simultaneously pressing and turning the knob. In order to enhance the comfort of the set, the contour band has two self-adhesive foams on the parts in contact with the user’s head.

It is made of 1.15 mm thick colorless polycarbonate.
Optical class: 2
Viewfinder dimensions: 190 x 324 mm
Size atalaje: 56 – 64 cm
Weight: 0.262 kg

EN 166:2001 CE

Single adjustable

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Weight 262 g
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 32 cm