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1 bottle of InkJet printer ink, 120 ml (4 oz). 2 bottles will fill the tanks completely, but 120 ml is enough to work with. After filling the reservoirs of your dedicated Epson Eco Tank stencil printer in equal parts, make sure the printer is in an upright position before use to avoid any failure.

InkJet Stencils is an alternative to carbon stencils and thermal printers that allows you to produce high quality tattoo stencils in very short periods of time. The InkJet stencil system works by dedicating a standard Epson Eco Tank printer (suggested compatible models: ET-2750, ET-2700, ET-2650, ET-2600) to stencil printing only. Simply fill the printer’s ink tanks equally with InkJet stencil printer ink, place the printer in your computer as you normally would and start printing! The use of a standard printer means that you can now print stencils directly from your photo editor in high resolution: simply edit the image and adjust the darkness of the stencil directly from your computer and press the button to print. Because it is a carbonless system, the use of InkJet Stencil Preparation Spray is vital for transferring the ink from the tracing paper to the skin.

In combination with an EPSON Ecotank printer, InkJet Stencil Ink, InkJet Stencil Prep Spray and InkJet Stencil Paper go hand in hand to produce incredibly crisp, clear, accurate and easy to work with stencils.

Main features:

  • High resolution, detailed templates
  • Vegan
  • Volume: 120 ml – produces approximately 3 000 impressions

Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm