HM Tattoo Machine Jack Rudy Black Liner

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In 2017 we started shaping this project with Jack Rudy, the living legend. After two years of various meetings between California, Detroit, Las Vegas, London, Madrid and teamwork with Gus and Norm, we are pleased to introduce the world to Jack Rudy’s first tattoo machine.

About the machine:

Designed to suit Jack Rudy’s Black & Gray tattoo style, this machine is the result of years of collaborative work alongside the genius of the American Tattoo.

It’s The One & Only of its kind, and the very first machine launched by Jack Rudy! See what makes this fast and smooth running machine so special:
– Jewelry grade cast brass side plate
– Lightened steel frame base
– Swing door tube vice system
– In Frame Gus LTD hidden phantom coil system
– Pure silver contact screw with wing nut for quick fine adjustment
– 10 single wrap coils
– Lightened armor bar
– Polished brass binding post
– Mini Jack Cable (2 m (6.6 ft) long) included
– Spare spring set included
– Metric Allen key set included
– Machine weight: 172 grams (6.06 oz)


This living legend shouldn’t need any introduction, meet The One & Only, Jack Rudy, a true American icon.

He has been tattooing for almost 45 years, and is one of the pioneers who opened the doors to the modern world of tattooing by introducing styles such as Fine Lining, Black & Gray, Portrait and Lettering as we know them today.
World famous for taking the raw aesthetic of prison style and converting it to his personal style with an exquisite taste for fine coating and a surprising degree of detail with a single needle.

At HM Manufacturing we are very honored to be a part of your first tattoo machine.