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After three years of intense research and development, the house of FK Irons is proud to present the long awaited launch of the new Spektra Xion.

The Spektra Xion is the first of its kind to be designed, and its Beta version has been by tattoo artists of incredible worldwide prestige.
This collaboration allowed the house of FK Irons to design a machine that guarantees a wide range of tattooing possibilities, while giving the artist more control over the machine and its style.
Innovative Xion Features:
Comfortable, ergonomic and light in weight, which allows for optimal handling
Extensive selection of strokes to suit different tattooing styles
Safe nut system that allows the artist to lock the depth of the needle with which they want to work so that it remains secure and immovable.
Fluid, autoclavable and highly flexible grip, which makes this Xion compatible with all types of needles.
Adjustable stroke; needle tension can be adjusted on the fly with a single turn, giving the artist more options and greater flexibility.
Powerful Bolt motor system, specifically designed to meet the needs of the tattoo.

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