100% Recyclable Disposable Gowns

Welded disposable gowns made in one piece.

47,50300,00 (+ VAT)

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These polyethylene gowns have neck and arm openings. The sleeves are fully welded. Made of 100% recyclable low density polyethylene. They are waterproof and are intended for various fields: health sector, industry. They are presented in pre-cut rolls and are made of non-slip material to ensure that they are well fixed. They can be purchased with or without a belt.

Price per unit:
Coat 25 pcs.: 1,90€ / pc.
100 pcs.: 1,75€ / pc.
Gown 200 pcs.: 1,5€ / pc.
Gown with belt 25 pcs.: 2,15€ / pc.
Gown with belt 100 pcs.: 2,10€ / pc.

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Without belt 50 pcs, Without belt 100 pcs, Without belt 200 pcs, With belt 50 pcs, With belt 100 pcs, Without belt 25 pcs, With belt 25 pcs