Dermalogic Tattoo Cream Gloss Display Stand

Dermalogic Tattoo Cream Gloss is the new line for tattoo care, with a dense and thick texture, so that vivid colors last and your tattoos last longer!

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Now you can also buy Dermalogic Tattoo Cream in a beautiful and elegant display of 24un.

Available in 50ml and 100ml.

Dermalogic Tattoo Cream Gloss is the new tattoo care line for those who need an extra dose of hydration. With a dense and thick texture, for long-lasting, vivid colors and long-lasting tattoos!

It has a re-epithelizing and regenerating effect that will allow damaged skin to recover in a faster and cleaner way. By accelerating the cell regeneration process, we will be able to encapsulate the tattoo pigments, obtaining more vivid and long-lasting colors, highly recommended for dry skin that needs an extra dose of hydration.


Dermalogic Tattoo Cream has been conceived as a state-of-the-art cream that moisturizes and regenerates from the inside of the epidermis outwards. It is therefore presented as a much more hygienic and pleasant solution than creams that grease the surface layer of the skin.


Due to its vitamin and regenerating components and silk protein Tattoo Cream is presented as an optimal solution to achieve a double tattoo protection and rapid healing of the tissue, thus avoiding possible intrusion of bacteria in our metabolism.


It is a pro-vitamin, i.e. a precursor of vitamins. Applied topically, it is converted into Coenzyme A, which is essential for the normal function of epithelial tissues and is a natural component of healthy skin. It is used in the treatment of skin lesions (burns, ulcers and sores). It is also hydrating and moisturizing. With an important healing activity.

It is recommended to apply 3 times a day to appreciate a fast regeneration of your tattoo.

Quantity: 50 ml or 100ml

Important note:

  • No Dermalogic products have been tested on animals. They do not contain perfumes or artificial colorants.

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