Dermalogic Solar Cream Protection

Dermalogic Solar Cream Protection is the new concept for complete skin care, whether after a tattoo or laser session.

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Dermalogic Solar Cream Protection is the new cream for complete skin care, whether after a tattoo or laser session. With a powerful sunscreen 50 and Vitamin A, C and F acting at a lower level, this cream becomes the perfect ally to protect your new tattoo from the sun.

This cream is protective with sun protection factor 50 and tissue regenerating based on natural vegetable solutions, without perfumes or parabens, antimicrobial and soothing effect. The combination of vitamins contained in Dermalogic Solar Cream Protection will make the skin reach a complete regeneration protected from the sun’s rays.

Main components of Dermalogic Solar Cream Protection

  • Vitamin A:
    This vitamin, also called retinol, plays a very important role in the process of cell regeneration and immune defense processes, as well as stimulates collagen production and increases skin thickness.
  • Vitamin C:
    Stimulates the production of collagen fibers by influencing skin microcirculation, thus allowing the skin to regain its freshness.
  • Vitamin F:
    Vitamin F is not exactly a vitamin, but a group of unsaturated fatty acids. It is very suitable for treating dry skin problems, eczema and scarring processes.

All this combined with the vitamins described above make Dermalogic Solar Cream Protection a very complete treatment to follow with the care of your tattoo or tattoo removal.

It is recommended to apply 3 times a day.

Quantity: 50ml

Important note:

  • All our products are registered as cosmetic products and can be marketed by any center.
  • No Dermalogic products have been tested on animals. They do not contain perfumes or artificial colorants.

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