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New display format for Dermalogic Piercing Spray to facilitate sales and transport.


It is well known that sea water acts as a good natural disinfectant for any wound. Dermalogic piercing spray Agua de Mar contains nothing but just that, Agua de Mar. The only process to ensure that it is a stabilized liquid has been its sterilization by ultraviolet to ensure that it is free of any bacteria or viruses.

Its narrow, round and elongated shape makes Dermalogic piercing spray comfortable to wear whether you are at work or out at night. Its spray dispenser will help you to keep any piercing healthy and clean.

It is recommended to apply 3 times a day to appreciate a fast regeneration of your piercing.

Quantity: 50ml

Important note:

    • All our products are registered as cosmetic products and can be marketed by any center.
    • No Dermalogic products have been tested on animals. They do not contain perfumes or artificial colorants.

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