DERMALOGIC Foam Cleaner 5 Liters

Dermalogic Cleansing Soap is a soap based on the Aloe Vera plant. Allows the tattooist to clean the tattooed area from time to time. The foaming effect makes the ingredients last longer.

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DERMALOGIC Foam is a soapy solution based on Aloe Vera ideal during the tattooing process. Its foam texture makes it very gentle on the skin, while still providing ample cleansing with each stroke, giving the customer an immediate sensation of relief and freshness. Apply directly and undiluted.

Now you can buy it in the new economical format so you can refill your bottle and continue to get that soapy lather that stands out so much in our product.

Available in 5000ml .



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Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 20 cm