Cheyenne PU IV Tattoo Power Supply

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The Cheyenne team is back with another power supply! The PU I and PU II have been a favorite of artists for many years, but it was about time to introduce Cheyenne power units into the modern era of tattoo equipment. We bring you the PU IV (it’s so good they have skipped number 3!)

Developed in cooperation with some of the best international tattoo artists, the Cheyenne Power Unit IV has a particular focus on ergonomic work, intuitive handling and practical design. Very versatile thanks to its magnetic back and bottom, as well as its clip-on support, the PU IV fountain has a guaranteed secure and comfortable hold, whether it is an ordinary tabletop or a steel workstation.

For the first time, it is now possible to use the low frequency operation of the Cheyenne SOL Nova, Luna & Terra family. The PU IV display can show stitch frequency as a bar graph and typically through voltage number (see images). The power supply remembers the last voltage used for the continuation of work.

The pedal can be used in continuous or momentary mode. The built-in stopwatch will also work with your footswitch select mode to keep track of your working time should you wish to use this feature.

The adapter cable required to use non-Cheyenne tattoo machines with the PU IV is not included.


Operating voltage: 4.7-12.5 V DC
Input power: max. 10 W
Pedal operating mode: Continuous or momentary
Dimensions (L x W x P): 87 x 76 x 28 mm
Weight: approx. 150 g
Main features

Compact tattoo power supply with ergonomic and intuitive operation
Ideal for low frequency operation of the SOL machine family
Versatile mounting possibilities thanks to powerful magnets and integrated clip-on bracket
2 modes for pedal operation: Continuous and momentary
Voltage indication (4.7 V – 12.5 V in 0.1 V steps) or bar graph (30 steps, approx. 0.26 V per step)
Stopwatch to measure the time of tattoo session
Compatible with machines from other manufacturers (adapter not included)
Designed and manufactured in Germany