ENBIO S autoclaves are the fastest in the world. Perfect for sterilizing your piercings and studio tools!

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The fastest autoclaves in the world.
Class B

The new definition of rapid sterilization

Time is a relative concept. It happens differently under different circumstances. Whenever you need your instruments ready, you need them right away. While other autoclaves test your patience, ENBIO defies the laws of physics to reduce waiting time to the invisible.

ENBIOautoclaves are 6 times smaller and up to 3 times lighterthan typical class B autoclaves. But when it comes to efficiency, they maintain the same performance.

Imagine a car so fast that it can cover a long distance on a teaspoon of fuel. With the Enbio Magic Filter accessory you can run up to 1000 processes with only 1 liter of demineralized water. It lasts approximately half a year. No need to use the faucet.

Technical characteristics
Unit weight 15Kg

For material not packaged in FAST program: 7min.
Packaged material sterilization class B at 134º : 15min.
Packaged material sterilization class B at 121º: 30 min.

Max. of bags : 8
Maximum weight of the lot 0,5Kg
Chamber volume 2,7l

Pressure & temperature
Operating pressure 2.1 Bar
Max. pressure 2.3 Bar
Temp. max. of the process 137ºC

Width: 25cm
Height: 10cm
Length: 56cm

Power supply 230V/50Hz
Installed power 3250W
Consume max. power 15A

Degree of protection IP20
USB data file
Water conductivity < 15 μS/cm