Art Driver ZIII Black Mate

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Art Driver has launched Art Driver ZIII Black Mate its new Z3 rotary machine.

In addition to all the good things about the F and S Power in terms of toughness, customization and aesthetics, it has released a new press adding more ergonomics and hygiene. And also, adding new elements.

The chassis of the new Z3 is made of two materials that combine great strength and lightness. The central chassis provides a solid and reinforced structure and thread, with a wide range of colors and finishes.

Another novelty it offers is that you can now choose the finish of the rear and front, change the bar more easily and cover the eccentric more effectively. The lid and back are made of a hard but lightweight material with two finishes, clear and light.

ABS front cover with polycarbonate: available in transparent and opaque, tinted in various colors. This cover provides greater hygiene and protection.
PPS chassis (fiberglass and mineral filler) The rear of the z3 is made of the same material as the presses, but the central chassis is made of PPS, a material that carries a mineral filler with fiberglass, making it incredibly resistant and customizable. . This, together with the steel hardware, provides great resistance and hygiene.
MAXON motor of the highest quality: Maxon brushless motor, customized with integrated circuit and sensors. We have not improved the engine, because there is no better one.
Eccentric ZERO-G and TWIST-BAR: with the possibility of replacing it with our rigid bar in a more comfortable way. Or replace the zero-g (3.6mm) with an eccentric with two built-in travels (emm and 3.8)
Triforce adapter: the z3 includes a new aluminum adapter, with an ergonomic design, acetal jaw and available in four colors.
Now you can have it Art Driver ZIII Black Mate at the best price and with the PUREWORKS satisfaction guarantee.