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It is known as “active carbon peeling” or “Hollywood peeling”, the new way of doing facial peeling with the help of laser technology.

Natural activated carbon concentrates will make your client’s skin bacteria free and at the same time you will be performing a healthy peeling.



6 jars of 30gr

Number of facial treatments per jar: 10-12 treatments, depending on whether neck and décolleté treatments are also performed, the number will be significantly lower.


Mode of Use:

Cleanse the skin with cleansing milk and spread a thin layer of C6 Laser Mask and let it dry for about 5 minutes. Then place the activated carbon optics and you can start shooting. Immediately after each shot you will see how the charcoal is removed and after a while there may be some redness. The client may feel some discomfort but in no case pain, since it is a treatment where the optics are not focused and therefore the concentration of energy is very low. Once the active carbon has been removed with the laser, we will proceed to cleanse the skin with tonic and apply a day cream, if possible. It is important not to expose the skin directly to the sun’s rays in the following days, and in case of doing so, use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor.


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