Precision tattoo machines to master the art of tattooing. At Pureworks, you can find the latest models in professional tattoo machines, as well as everything you need when it comes to professional tattoo machine accessories.

Our latest generation quality tattoo machines guarantee greater durability, precision and ease of use, becoming the best ally to create impressive tattoos. We have many years of experience offering the best quality and service in our tattoo machines.

Types of tattoo machines available at Pureworks:

You can choose between rotary or coil tattoo machines, as well as wireless tattoo machines perfect for high-precision work. The quality and durability of these machines mean that we can show you the perfect machines for you.

Coil tattoo machines:

Also known as traditional tattoo machines, they use electromagnetic coils to move the needles up and down. They are known for their power and ability to make sharp lines and fine details, although they can be noisier and a little harder to hold steady than other types of machines.

Rotary tattoo machines:

On the other hand, rotary tattoo machines use a motor to rotate the needles up and down. They are quieter, smoother and easier to use than coil machines, ideal for shading and color filling.

Cordless tattoo machines:

Adding to all of the above, wireless tattoo machines offer greater versatility and comfort in handling, since they are not limited by the length of the cable and allow greater freedom of movement.

At Pureworks we offer professional tattoo machines from prestigious international brands, as well as mid-range and economical machines for beginners in the world of tattooing. We advise you on the choice, configuration and maintenance of your tattoo machine.

Buy the best, innovative tattoo machines from top brands, selected by the Pureworks team for their design, precision, comfort, durability, resistance and price.