Discover Our Tattoo Power Supplies and Wireless Batteries. At Pureworks, we are passionate about providing tattoo artists with the most advanced and reliable tools to enhance their creativity and performance. Our wide range of power supplies for tattoo machines and wireless batteries offers quality solutions to meet the most demanding needs of body art professionals.

Tattoo Power Supplies: Power and Total Control

Our Variety of Options

From basic to advanced options, Pureworks offers a diverse selection of power supplies for tattoo machines. We partner with renowned brands such as Aurora, Critical, Compact Piranha, Eikon, Musotoku, and Nemesis, known for their quality and reliability in the tattoo industry.

Precise Control

Our power supplies not only provide power but also precise control over voltages and machine speed. With features like advanced software that allows preselection of different voltages for different types of machines, artists have the freedom to adjust their settings according to their preferences and specific needs.

Durability and Reliability

We understand the importance of having durable and reliable equipment in tattoo studios. That’s why all our power supplies are designed to withstand intensive use and offer consistent performance over time.

Wireless Batteries: Freedom without Compromises

Freedom of Movement

For artists seeking freedom of movement without compromising performance, our wireless batteries are the perfect solution. With advanced long-lasting battery technology, artists can tattoo without cable restrictions, allowing them to work more comfortably and efficiently.

Universal Compatibility

Our wireless batteries are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of tattoo machines, making them a versatile choice for any tattoo studio. Whether you prefer a rotary, coil, or cartridge machine, our wireless batteries will adapt perfectly to your needs.

Rechargeable and Sustainable

In addition to offering comfort and performance, our wireless batteries are also an environmentally friendly option. Being rechargeable, they help reduce the waste of disposable batteries and minimize environmental impact.

At Pureworks, we are committed to providing tattoo artists with the highest quality tools and equipment to enhance their creativity and take their art to the next level. Explore our selection of tattoo power supplies and wireless batteries and discover how we can help you achieve your artistic goals.